70mm x 31.8mm for Street or Road

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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I have an lady friend who is about 1.63m tall (thereabout), and she bought an road bike during an recent closedown sales.
The road bike was an S size (48cm), and comes with it was an 90mm.
The sales-person said it would fit her well, citing other ladies friend he serves also having the similiar stem length with their size-48 bike.
But the truth is she have been experiencing clamp on the finger and arm after about 30minutes into the ride.
[I went to other bikeshop to verify, all size 48 usually come with 80mm stem]

I went to surf about, and found New Ultimate EVO stem have an 70mm and 80mm (and other length too. Check their website for more info), and the cost is most satisfactory. [Meet her budget as well]

Today, I found AX lightness Rigid also have similiar length, but the cost is exorbitant. :evil:

What said you?
Pay excessive for a mere 19gram differences? :roll:

[Evo is 87gr for 70mm, while Rigid is 68gr. (Evo is ard USD110-125, while Rigid is €590 -stated in their website)]

Love to hear some opinions (or those who already own them)


by Weenie

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by 5 8 5

Get a cheap 70 AND 80 so the lady can try both. Once a size has been decided look for a better quality / lighter stem.
It's useful to have a stem as a backup anyway. Alternatively try and borrow them. A bike shop may have a takeoff or second hand stem.

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by elviento

If not a super ww project, I'd get a cheap stem in a shorter length. If it's only 70-80mm, it's probably not very heavy.
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