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by MarkGiardini

I got them purley for the fact that a guy I work with saw a "buy one, get one free" promo at the Oakley Depot, and they cost me less than $90.

Other than that, the BBB Rounders I got from CRC were pretty decent.
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by mattydubs

As the OP is concerned with arm length more so than other things, I thought I'd chime in on that front. I too have a smaller head (generally being short and small means as much) and have had luck with Smith Pivlock V2s. They aren't perfect but they do fit into my Kask Mojito fairly well whereas Oakleys do not. They are also rimless and breathe better than other brands I have tried. Again you should probably try them on but they seem about as good as I've found without resorting to a women's specific model.

by Weenie

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by AaronKellogg

Really big fan of the Smith Pivlov V90 max. Stylish functional and reasonably priced. Plus the generally come with three lenses and have a lifetime warranty. Replacement lenses are fairly priced as well.

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by Svetty

Rudy Project Rydon has always suited me. Highly adjustable and comfortable.

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by spliid

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Radarlock else. I have tried all Oakley frames and for me the Radarlock is by far the best one. I really like there are no blind spots.

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by xsnailx

Tifosi Vogel, i really like they frameless design.

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by dmp

I have the Rydons, too, and really like them (I originally got them with clear lenses for eye protection in the operating room, and have a second set of dark lenses for riding). The ability to mold the arms and nosepiece to fit is very nice, and the lens quality is first rate. But now that I am getting old, decrepit, and increasingly presbyopic, I find I have a harder and harder time reading my Garmin. Instead of getting the Rudy reader lenses (about $125), I got a pair of Dual Eyewear glasses for $50 (I got the G5)- highly recommended if you need a reading prescription, but can work with a plano lens on top. Great fit and excellent optics.

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by timj

Oakley Jawbone with vented lenses is the best I've used. You can get them in prescription and the vented lenses prevent fogging up.

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by tinozee

Rudy Ketyums for my uber strong rx. Also have rydons. Love the Rudy stuff.

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Just got some Tifosi Podiums from I got the ones with the Red Clarion lenses. I have not ridden them with anything but these lenses, but they do come with two other lenses, one clear and another a rose color. So far so good, I really like not having a frame to impede my vision.

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by djconnel

I love Rydons. Haven't bought them because I lose glasses too often so stick to cheap hardware store stock.

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by Derf

sigismond0 wrote:The other upshot of being rimless is that it's considerably easier to clean most of the sweat off without completely disassembling the glasses.

Moderately off-topic, but has anybody ever used something along the lines of Rain-X on their lenses to help with sweat? I can hardly go a half-hour these days without streaks and beads inside the lenses.

As a V90 fan, I have to agree with the former statement. I have a pretty narrow face (although not sure on depth) and they fit me nicely.

With regards to Rain-X--please don't use it on plastics. Its formulation (at least the stuff in a bottle) is designed to react (on a monolayer, nonetheless!) with the silicon in glass to reduce the surface tension. It won't have much to react with on a plastic lens, and I'm not sure I'd want to expose my lenses to the solvents in Rain X for nought.

Just thought I'd give the heads up.

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by Vagabond

I like my rydons as well. Scratch up a lens and pay shipping and handling only for a replacement. There are so many lens options I always have a lens that works great for the current weather conditions. They have different photo chromatic lenses that cover everything from night to midday sun high up on Mt. Evans. They look great and like another said they are very adjustable. I'm surprised I don't see more of them on others here in the bike dense DC area.
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by FIJIGabe

MarkGiardini wrote:Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ with polarised lenses for me.

Same here, I just use prescription lenses.

BTW, Oakley makes some glasses in an "Asian fit" for smaller faces. You may want to check it out.
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by Sykes

AaronKellogg wrote:Really big fan of the Smith Pivlov V90 max. Stylish functional and reasonably priced. Plus the generally come with three lenses and have a lifetime warranty. Replacement lenses are fairly priced as well.

Another vote for Smith Optics. I have the V2. They came with three lenses. I had to contact their warranty dept because an arm came off and I lost it. They sent me a whole new set, when all I needed was an arm.

by Weenie

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