Getting regular. Let's talk about shitting. Number 2s.

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by Illuminate

Hi prendrefeu,

I'd suggest two teaspoons of metamucil along with your breakfast or morning tea taken daily. This will help bulk up your stool which will help your body to push it through your bowel (gives the body something to push against with peristaltic contractions) and out a little easier. Due to the nature of psyllium husk, it will also act as a lubricant which will aid passing on demand. An added bonus is that you end up using slightly less dunny paper (good for the environment and your wallet).

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by prendrefeu

Thanks, but that wasn't (note the past-tense) my problem.

The problem was that on random days, unrelated to diet and without any definable schedule, I would be unable to get it done before a ride. It wasn't the food, clearly. It was not getting enough time spent vertically and moving around to set things in motion.

That problem has been solved, thanks for the metamucil advice!
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by joestralia

Good Morning.

At least for me since the first thing I did was make a sizable donation into the porcelain panhandle.

It seems to me that everyone has covered the basics like a high fiber diet, Metamucil etc.

Below, I've dropped a few pearls (no pun intended LOL) that relates to the physiology of a successful Numero dos.

Chew gum. Rationale: The amylase contained in saliva was designed for digestion of carbs. When you swallow saliva, you the stimulate your GI to start doing it's thing. Try not to use mouthwash first thing in the AM. Proven by surgeons as they advise their patients to chew gum to stimulate the GI after surgery. I use this trick when my routine is disrupted. For example waking up 5AM to make a start line appearance 150 miles away. You would like to do #2 before a long drive . Remember, holding it in begets constipation.

Sexual arousal. rationale: The pudental nervous system has the job of enervating the parts that are used for sex. It also enervates, the rectal area. If you have BM that's made it down to the lower alimentary canal, a dose of sexual arousal can be the trick . You can use imagery, for this one or anything else that will do the job; no judgement on what you actually do. However, our goal here is to make #2 and off to the races . By the way, the pudental nerve is actually the same organ that we try to damage when we ride our bikes!!! When damaged it can lead to not only ED, but issues of elimination of #1, #2 and #3.

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