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by KWalker

Froome is on standard O Sys rings- you can tell just by looking at the crank and shape of the rings.

O Sys hasn't made custom rings since the late 90's when they worked with Festina. It sucks actually, because the ideal orientation for them requires the right seat angle and joint alignment and if they could custom make them or use an adjustment pattern like Q-rings then chances are they could get a lot more customers.
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by hansonator69

Slam your stem.

by Weenie

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by Antoine

nice win by T.Gallopin in San Sebastian. He was not good during the Tour because of injuries sustained earlier in the season, same for T.Voeckler.
It shows the difficulty for a pro to be at their best at the right time.

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by petepeterson

shave optional wedding!

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by pastronef

remember when someone stole Porte's shoe?

https://twitter.com/Guyanais31/status/3 ... 40/photo/1

maybe it's just a joke...

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by djconnel

"Attractivity" classification in Tour of Poland. (contributing time bonuses to GC)

No doubt a competition where riders pose shirtless and flex in front of judges.... beta-testing and idea to give Froome some competition in the Tour next year.

added: What a profoundly stupid idea. It attempts to turn stage races into a points race. They don't even do the points correctly. If there's a tie for first the points should go 25-25-10, not 30-30-10. Or better yet 0-0-0, and leave GC as it is.

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by SvenNijs

petepeterson wrote:shave optional wedding!

Looks like even Bernie has a "Kittel Cut" now...

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by Tapeworm

Re: wedding pic.
Damn, those ultra lean arms and frame look good.
And the chick ain't bad either.
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by HammerTime2

Can we cut the wedding and fashion cr@p, and get back to doping?

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by Ghost234

Did I read the results correctly for the Tour of Poland? Did Wiggins really finish 9 1/2 minutes down?

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by stella-azzurra

That would be yes. Vincenzo might be saving himself for the Vuelta.

Notably absent from the pointy end of the race were Vincenzo Nibali (Astana) and Bradley Wiggins (Sky), both competing for the first time since the Tour of Italy.

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by djconnel

Wiggins looks like he's gained a good deal of weight.... which means he looks almost normal.

I'm surprised there hasn't been more reaction to the proposal that 30, 20, and 10 second time bonuses be issued each day based on KOM and sprint points. This would profoundly change pro racing, which is elegant in its simplicity. Bonuses from intermediate sprints turns it into less of a race, more of a game.

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by tymon_tm

IMO time bonuses, both awarded at intermediate sprints/KOMs and at finish line, make for less interesting racing

1. you'd have to follow the whole stage, preferably with a GC chart, taking notes etc, to fully 'understand' what's going on, and who's up to what
2. cyclists tend to wait till the finish line (or intermediate sprint) because making the difference earlier on by getting into a break etc is no longer required to win a race

edit: as for the first point, that includes commentators too, who are often hopelessly lost in the current GC/stage situation and fail to guide the viewers even through a boring flat stage
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by airwise

KWalker wrote:Froome is on standard O Sys rings- you can tell just by looking at the crank and shape of the rings.

I can't and I have a set on the bike next to me. Are you sure? Where do you get your information? Custom here would be derived from polar pattern tests. Are you familiar with those?

by Weenie

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by 53x12

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