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by hzucker

I need one. Any recommendations as to which kind of fit I should get? Im thinking the Specialized BodyGeomentry is a good one, but I know that there are a few options for fitting. Which ones should I be careful of or which one should I for sure try to get?

I am a road rider, ride a CAAD10 and just am not as comfortable on the bike as I should be.


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by Ozrider

Retul is good as it is a dynamic fit that uses motion capture to see how your knees track and your leg/body motion while pedalling.
Specialized BG fit is also a good option.
One of the important factors is using an experienced fitter to get good results.
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by JBV

It's not the tools or "system" used, it's the fitter.

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by wpccrunner

+1 for Retul

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by wombat

JBV wrote:It's not the tools or "system" used, it's the fitter." onclick=";return false;

This is very true. I've been fitted a few times over the years by different fitters using different systems. The results, while not identical, were largely in the same ballpark with the exception of one guy whose fitting would have injured me had I followed his recommendations.

The systems are all just pretty tools to charm the uninitiated so they feel that they're getting their money's worth with all the flashing lights and computer printouts. In the end, it all boils down to the experience of the person wielding the tools.

The tools just churn out hard data. The fitter needs to interpret the data. So don't choose a fitter by the tools that he uses. Look for one who has a track history of fitting average and non-average people well. Ask around and you should be able to get a few names.


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by Musiker

I got fitted by which was a good experience - He is a physiotherapist and he started out by using a hour to examine my body (flexability, strength and flaws). Then we proceeded the trainer (he fitted me on my own bike) and took it from there.
I felt it made lots of sense to have the through out physical examination before putting me on the bike..


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