Short Reach Road bars based on actual lever mount?

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by em3

...another issue to keep in mind is that the crescent/half moon shape bars (like the Ergonova pictured above) will actually increase your reach to the levers when you are on the drops, but decrease your reach at the drops, in comparison with a more classic round shape bar. In other words, the swooping crescent shape yields a large space between your bars and levers (at the drops), but it effectively makes your grip at the drops a shorter reach. Again, how much reach to the levers will depend on where you place your levers and which levers you are using. EM3

by Weenie

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by sigismond0

Yes and no, it depends on how you hold the drops and how your levers are set up. Exactly where you place the levers at the bend makes a difference, and having adjustable reach like Sram levers can change all that as well.

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by SolidSnake03

Interesting points everyone, thanks for the help. I have actually switched back to the Easton EA70's which has helped a good deal, not only are they listed as a shorter reach than the Zipp Short and Shallow, but it does seem like where you mount the lever's results in them being closer to the bars as well.

I purposely mounted them a bit higher up on the bars to shorten the reach slightly more, definitely feel better with them at this position, funny that being in the drops is completely comfortable regarding being bent over but being too "long" screws up so much!
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