Canyon SLX 9.0 ETE with Corima MCC's (6.3kg)

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by laleme

LOVE IT! If only I could get one in the US... :(

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by sawyer

Love the green and wheels but agree your aeroad is nicer looking.

Wish Canyon had made the top tube nearer level, and retained the old SLX geo.

Nice build though. :beerchug:
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by TdFTips


Lovely looking bike. I've just ordered the CF SLX 9.0 LTD with the Campy SR EPS in stealth. Should arrive in the next couple of weeks - can't wait.

Just a quick question: what mount do you have for your Garmin? Looks very smart.

Also, can I ask why you went for the ETE over another build? I considered it, but the Mavic wheels were too deep for me. Plus, I was really taken with the stealth paint job. As a result, I've gone for the SR EPS, which I'm excited about (I've never had electronic shifting), although the EPS battery back is massive (the Di2 battery in the frame is a much better implementation, I reckon).

I'd be interested if it was a difficult decision for you too? It certainly was for me!


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by n1klass

Those wheels are sexy as hell. Great ride man!

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by Wingnut

WOW...I like that! The combination of the wheels and sloping top tube look great!
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by Krull

great bike, but to much sloping for a roadbike, for my taste.
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by mythical

Another excellent bike, @aerozy! :thumbup: What would finish it is this:


And perhaps even this:

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by aerozy

You guys wont believe it. Ive smashed my corima wheels! 3rd ride on them and there you go. Have sent them back to corima for repair with some broken spokes. The wheels are amazing, best Ive ever ridden. Feel much more snappier than my previous favourites, my mavic ultimates's. I have zipps, reynolds, edges, campy and shimano wheels. Nothing comes close. Ride wise I can only compare them to my Shimano C50-TU but those are 500gr heavier.

All happend when an idiot driver veired out of his parking space with no indication. I somehow managed to squeeze between his car and on coming traffic, clipped something and went into a traffic island head on at about 40km/h. Wheels went into a block of cement about 20-30cm high. The sound of broken carbon snapping... just terrible. I somehow managed to not hit the deck as I bunny hopped the front wheel just enough. Result: A broken spoke on my rear wheel. Front wheel and frame seem to be ok but who knows. Its amazing the entire bike didnt snap in two.

PS: Im not going to send the bike back to canyon for a scan even though I probably should.

Btw I the bike is now slightly different. Ive decided to stick the mavic CCU's on this bike permanently. Also just receive ax lightness seatpost with zero setback. Will post pictures once Ive got it setup again.

Once I get the corima MCC wheels back they will go on my aeroroad to go with the "aero theme" of the frame :)

Picture of broken spoke:
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by aerozy

New pics with ax lightness post (-70gr) + mavic ccu's (+150gr):

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by compkiler

Hi Aerozy, i have ordered an Ultimate SLX with di2 for now but can still change my order if i want to!

It has been a 50/50 decision between the Ultimate and the Aeroad also and im still in 2 minds what to go for!

I also have been in two minds whether or not to go Dura Ace mechanical or Ultegra Di2?? Weight difference between the two is about 300g
If i went for the Aeroad i think i would go for the which weighs 7kg!
If i went for the Ultimate, i think i would either go for the which weighs 6.85kg or which weighs 6.5kg

Will i feel the difference in weight between these bikes also?
I have heard that the Aeroad is a lot flexier which is a bad thing or....? I weigh 75kg and am 171cm tall and will order a small frame in 'said' size i think.

Can you explain the difference on both bikes as i am really stuck here as ive spoken to a lot of people now and both say 50/50 but you have both so you could probably give a better honest opinion :-)

My email is and i would prefer you email me there if possible please bud.

Kind regards


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by mihai

beautiful :shock:

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by IamnotWiggins

OP, I couldn't find an option to PM you but I too am Brighton based if you fancy going for a spin anytime soon? Seven Dials area if that's anywhere close to you?

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by P3PO


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by compkiler

Just changed my order to the Aeroad :-) Hope ive made the right decision!! After watching all the road race on Eurosport atm, the Aeroad seems to do just fine ;-)

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by roby0072

Hi Aerozy,

Your bike is fantastic! Love its!

Can You tell me please the misure from the top of the saddle to the center of the bottom bracket?

Thanks in advance,


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