Colnago c59, yet another

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by greddy65

Long time lurker, first time poster. Some great colnagos on this forum, thought I'd share mine. C59 in GDBL in 56s. Campy SR11, Deda bars and stem, boras with veloflex carbons in 23mm and a prologo scratch nack saddle. I don't have a scale but I doubt it's a weight weenie ;) I've had it for about a year now and it's an absolutely fantastic bike.


Untitled by greddy65, on Flickr
Untitled by greddy65, on Flickr
Untitled by greddy65, on Flickr

by Weenie

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by btompkins0112

Gorgeous! Well done....I can find no faults.

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by sjc166

Doesn't matter how many of these i see i dont get bored at looking at them....for me its a near perfect bike. I have been thinking about getting one but i kind of like the olive green one. I like it because its different and a bit unique. Were you tempted by another colours?

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by davec


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by BTM

wow very nice. What bars are they?
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by caballero

BTM wrote:wow very nice. What bars are they?

They appear to be deda presa

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by Bely

Very Nice
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by SalsaLover

Very nice!

White saddle maybe?
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by Wingnut

The blue looks great!
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by carlislegeorge

Excellent looking classic...
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by michel2

Very nice squadra azura!(;

That olive green one is an excellent choice, about 2-3 months ago someone pisted there gren c59.

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by coloclimber

Perfect! Enjoy it.
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by jmilliron

The latest but not the least!
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by kgt

Just perfect

by Weenie

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by greddy65

Thanks for the kind comments gents, the bars are Deda Presas, I have a set of Campiones but feel like the compact shape of the Presas looks better on sloping frames.

I really debated the color for some time sjc166, and man that olive green colnago looks so funky and different, you can't go wrong! I chose the blue because on an Italian bike the azzura just felt and looked right :D

I have a set of silver record 9/10/11 hubs that I am waiting to lace to a pair of nemesis rims and maybe throw some 25mm Vittoria SCs on them as a winter set so will post pics once it's done.


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