Chinese hub reliability

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by eric

I've only seen one pair of Hubsmiths, on wheel I bought from FarSports. Based on that limited sample I'd prefer the EDhub/Bitex hubs. Their bearings are better than Hubsmith, making the hubs turn smoother. Their rear flange spacing is wider, making a laterally stiffer wheel.

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by 6to

what about circus monkey hubs? Heard they are quite good..

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by rainerhq

About circus monkey hubs...
What about these spoke holes? Sorry, don´t know a right word, but will this hub suit for radial lacing?
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by HillRPete

The "keyhole" drillings allow for wider aero spokes to be used.

Manufacturer or spec sheet should be able to tell about radial lacing compliance.

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by Kasparz

Bitex and Novatec hubs are great if we exclude their generic hub range. At the moment I'm using wheelsets with DT/Corima/Mavic/Novatec/Bitex/Syncros/Shimano(various models) on my 5 bikes and Novatec/Bitec are top notch and I can not tell difference between 85$ Bitex hubs versus 500$+ DT 240's.

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by KLabs

They only use a 10mm axle ... do you think this is strong enough for all riders and surfaces?

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by BobDopolina

For any of the hubs coming from Taiwanese or Chinese sources check the specs carefully. There are plenty of these hubs floating around on eBay that swap out quality bearings for lesser quality Chinese bearings. You may save $10 on the hubs only to shell out two or three times that to replace the bearings a few thousand km later.
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by Peter_E

I had bad luck with the "bikelover" hubs of ebay. They use Enduro bearings but the rear still developed play really qucikly. Don't now if it was easily fixed because I replaced it w a DT240 I had. Novatec has been good as others have said.

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by bikeridah

Light-bicycle has several road hub options with no additional upcharge.

I'm trying to decide between Bitex RAR9 and Novatec F582 - which would you get? ... d-hub.html

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by eric

The Novatec hubs weigh more (245g vs 211g) but have better DS flange spacing (18mm vs 16.5mm).

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by nickf

Where can I find chosen hubs? The ones on my Williams wheels have been great. Would like to build up some 32h wheels for gravel.

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by velo1990

My wheels are with Novatec hubs A291-SB-SL + F482SB-SL. I have had about 500kms on it, compared my previous Bitex hubs, I like novatec better. Very smoothing. From my experience, I vote cons to Novatec. :up:
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by teufelhunden222

If you have any weight to ya, or push any good torque I would steerclear of the novatec.

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by bikeridah

Hmm, no glowing endorsements for either - EDhub with ceramics, final answer?

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by Mackers

The Novatecs excellent.

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