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by hmai18

Currently in the market to replace my flappy generic wind vest and am looking for something that's a bit more fitted/aero/race cut.

The primary contender so far has been the Louis Garneau Course Speedzone vest, but I can't decide how I feel about the cutout in the back for jersey pocket access. Great idea, but it's just not...aesthetically pleasing. Any other alternatives? Preferably something with a zippered pass-through to the jersey pockets.

For reference, I'm 5'7" 130lbs, and about 34" chest.

by Weenie

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by HillRPete

Check out Castelli's offers for trim fit. Don't think they have any with a pass-through, though.

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by limba

I have this one from Rapha. It's nice. I didn't pay $200 for it.


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by prendrefeu

Capo's Super Corsa line is nice and fitted, light in weight, and does not have any pockets (meaning it folds up much smaller when not in use)
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by carbon2329

Assos makes a super-fitted vest. It's called the: iG.falkenZahn

http://www.assos.com/en/19/singleProduc ... 31&var=580" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Don't know about the price, but in regards to a "fitted vest/gilet"...

I understand you wanting a more fitted vest. I don't understand, but it seems like vest are made WAY too big.

For example, in my club kit: I wear a Small kit, but my vest is a XXS. ????
(I have found this to be the case in the half dozen other brands I have used and currenlty use)

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by Stolichnaya

The Italian brands with numerous incremental sizes are a good place to start - you are not boxed into S M L with those.
Capo is a good choice as mentioned earlier, but also Sportful.
The Hot pack vest is absurdly light, surprisingly durable and packs away easily and compactly.
The BodyFit Pro Wind vest looks like a good bet as well. No personal experience, but the stretch material may really cinch it up around you.

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by TashkentTerror

Sportful hot pack.
The best vest is the one small enough that you actually bring it on rides.
Iv heard good things about the Rafa gilet to, but havent used it myself.

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by nfecyle

Anybody have experience with Assos Falkenzahn ? I am looking for mostly breathable and windproof vest. I have Castelli Leggero now, while its windproof, it is not really breathable. The other vest I am considering is Castelli Fawesome since I have good experience with gabba materials, but I don't mind spending little bit more for Assos Falkenzahn if it is better than the fawesome.

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by geedawg

My favorite is the Sportful Bodyfit Pro. It is def. more substantial than the Hotpack, but still rolls up and fits into the back pocket easily. It fits WAY better than the Hotpack with all the stretch in the material. Again it all depends on what you are wanting out of this vest. If it's something primarily for emergency wind block, then the Hotpack. . .if packability isn't as much of an issue, then the BodyFit Pro.

I also have several Castelli items. . .the Sottile, Leggero, Fusione, Compatto, and Fawesome. The Fawesome is like the Bodyfit Pro, but a bit more substantial and not as close fitting. The Sottile and the Leggero are light and are super packable, and the Sottile has a pass thru pocket in the back. But neither of these fit as well as the Fawesome or the Bodyfit Pro.

I have a Pearl Izumi P.R.O Aero Vest too. It is very packable and fits very well and is made completely of windblock material (unlike the Sportful Bodyfit Pro, which has a jersey like back). I prefer this vest over the Castelli Sottile and Leggero in terms of fit. But I ultimately prefer vests with mesh / jersey backs for breathability, which is why I like the Bodyfit Pro. But this P.I. vest fits extremely well, just like the Bodyfit Pro.

The best fitting, light and packable vest I have is the Craft Performance Light Vest. This has a mesh back and is very packable. If you can find it in a XS size, which I have seen on occasion, it might be the best fit for you (34" chest, 5'7", 130 lbs). I am about the same height, but 140lbs and 36" chest and have the small size in all the clothing above.

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by Crampandgoslo

Personally I use Castelli's Leggero Jacket and Vest

http://www.artscyclery.com/catpage-CSJT ... RDMAPPAREL

It's perfect for California early/late winter temperatures

Castelli makes great stuff for cold weather

http://www.artscyclery.com/catpage-CAPO ... RDMAPPAREL

but nothing beats good ol' embrocation

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by nathanong87

rapha, capo, castelli. I've had good experiences with them. just get the same size as your jersey (if it's tight fitting)

worst piece of crap ever is the champ sys wind vest. Thermal vest seems ok, but the nylon wind vest they sell is a joke. The fit is terrible.

Bigger Gear
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by Bigger Gear

I have the Castelli Fawesome, Leggero, and Isterico. The Fawesome is the Gabba vest, it has a nice close fit and it is very versatile. I use it in showery weather and dry weather, temps from 4-12 Celsius depending on base layer. The only drawback is that the arm holes are cut way too large so there is a bit of flapping. The Leggero is great for days when one thinks no vest is required. It packs up small and is great for spring weather where the conditions are variable. The Isterico is a much more thermal garment and is ideal for cold dry days where one does not want to wear a full winter jacket. For example, doing hard riding at temps 3-8 Celsius, I use the Isterico with a LS base layer and LS jersey. It keeps my core warm but I don't overheat as easily as I might in a thermal jacket.

I also have a Gore Xenon vest, it is another good one for days where the vest might be on-off. Packs up small, and has a slightly longer tail for extra water protection if it does rain. It is Gore-Tex Active Shell, so the fabric itself is waterproof and breathable. I also have a Gore Xenon AS short-sleeve jacket. This is a strange piece in many ways, having a half-sleeve but in many ways it is a vest. I like it for the west coast on-off rainy days in winter. It is Gore-Tex with sealed seems, but breaths reasonably well and not having full sleeves keeps me from overheating like I might in a full rain jacket. It sits somewhere between using the Fawesome and a full-on rain jacket.

Man, I have a lot of winter kit....but here it is almost all 3-season kit as spring, autumn and winter can be very similar. I think the Assos FalkenZhan looks like an excellent piece, but for the price of it alone you could buy the Fawesome and the Isterico. Plus the FalkenZhan seems to be marketed as an "insulator gilet" and I wonder about its windproof-ness. When I'm reaching for a vest I am usually looking for the chest to be windproof.

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by nfecyle

Velonews reviewed Assos Fallkenzahn as the best vest out there. http://velonews.competitor.com/2013/10/ ... l_306326/1
The article state while it is windproof, it also "breathes impressively well" which the main feature I am looking for. The reason is the current Castelli Leggero I have doesn't breath well. I get cold from my own sweat.

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by LionelB

nfecyle wrote:Anybody have experience with Assos Falkenzahn ? I am looking for mostly breathable and windproof vest. I have Castelli Leggero now, while its windproof, it is not really breathable. The other vest I am considering is Castelli Fawesome since I have good experience with gabba materials, but I don't mind spending little bit more for Assos Falkenzahn if it is better than the fawesome.

I have one and it is great but it is quite substantial. It replaces the element one vest but it has it's own 3 pockets in the back. It is meant to be worn for the entire ride and not to be taken on and off constantly (like the blitzfeder which is basically a wind vest also very adjusted from assos). It works great with a lot sleeve jersey for temp in the high 30s or 40s. It breathes well too.

ill principe
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by ill principe

Im happy with my Endura Pakagilet. Not super fitted, but enough for my 186cm and 69kg (6.1 -152lbs). High collar, which I like.

Really small when packed and at an almost unbeatable price compare to many others

by Weenie

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