Colnago EPQ

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by Bely

So nice! :)
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by Weenie

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by SalsaLover

looks great!

a set of white Looks would look even better ;)
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by TimW

Yep looks fab (even with the instragram type filter)

I think the EPQ could be a future collectors item, there just weren't that many made and it's really nice looking. Basically made until Colnago ran out of EPS rear stays as far as I can tell.

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by c50jim

Actually, Tim W, I don't think seat stays were the issue in the demise of the EPQ since they're the new ones from the C59. I understood that Ernesto had an inventory of EPS front ends when the Italian carbon manufacturer went out of business and the EPQ combined them with the latest chain and seat stays. In any event, it probably was one of Ernesto's lowest volume models.

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by wallymann

another proper (and rare) EPQ build. very nice. respek.
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