Metabolic biochem 101 - a good starter article

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by Illuminate

Hi Folks, a good little starter article for metabolic biochem. Hopefully stimulating to a few interested in theory.
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by Asymptotic

Thanks for sharing, good to see my school chemistry is still fresh! Those butt fat rolls are not pretty :oops:

Would have liked to see a comparison between the anaerobic glycolysis consumption between running sprinting, and cycling sprinting.
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by Tapeworm

Nice summation.

Though I did find the the opening slightly amusing "...with little oxygen breathed in during its 10-second duration..." somewhat amusing, makes me wonder if they have ever run a 100m :mrgreen:
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by KWalker

I love how it actually defines lactic acid and its role properly. Its incredibly annoying to hear people talk about LT as if its some magical barrier. Also hate the term 'lactate buildup' used to describe every single sensation that occurs while riding.

A curious point it makes that is often forgotten is the role of oxygen uptake in endurance exercise. Far too many people negate L5/vo2 max work and its still very important for overall aerobic economy.
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