Using your glutes?

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by phourgenres

I am getting to wonder whether I ever use my glutes when I cycle. I never feel them getting sore during the ride, or even feel them straining at that. They never feel sore afterward, so I really have no idea whether I using them.

I found two exercises to which are supposed to strengthen them so they can be involved more, but I'm not sure if this would involve them anymore.

Anyone have thoughts and experiences?

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by Tapeworm

You couldn't pedal a bike without them. Unless you have some other concern I wouldn't worry about it. Soreness is not an indicator of use.
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by HillRPete

I'm feeling my glutes the day after riding hard in the drops, so they are probably more used in a more aerodynamic position. (No idea about your position, obviously)

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by Rick

I notice it when I am stomping hard while in the drops.

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If I am sitting too high, I don't get soreness in them, if I on the other hand sit at the correct height, I feel all of my legs sore after a hard/long day. I also feel like I pedal better when I can recruit all the muscle.

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by Ciclicasati

I feel them more on the drops/

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by CerveloBert

You feel them more on the drops, especially with the seat set back further. This puts a lot more of the load on the glutes, but doesn't necessarily mean that they're inactive when you're not in the drops. It's just that more of the load goes towards your glutes in that positioning.

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by SolidSnake03

A decent way to tell if your using your glutes or to what extent is to ride a trainer a bit and actually feel the muscle. It might seem odd but while riding the trainer use a hand to focus/feel your glutes as your spinning. You will be able to feel them contract and relax as you pedal.
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by thecaptain

I was told lack of glute strength can be related to a lack of core strength? at least this is the case with golf......i think you will find golf and cycling stretches would go hand in hand, both sports require a strong core base and drive from the legs and also have similar postural problems that occur form hours in the hunched over position in the saddle or on the driving range there are a lot of stretches you can do to help switch on the glutes useing rubber that comes to mind from my golfing days are "clams" but there are plenty more just do a search

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by thecounty

Oftentimes during a ride I arch my back a little more and make a concerted effort to use my glutes more. It helps and seems to relieve some of the tension that can build up in my lower back during a longer ride.

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by davej35

I feel them mostly while I climb.

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