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by dkwperth

Hi all,

about 18 months ago I broke my ankle (the medial malleolus - the inside knob on the tibia). Since then I've been tonking along on a MTB, and mostly wearing ordinary shoes when doing so. Anyway, I've just got back onto a road bike and into new road shoes and over the past few days have noticed that when pedalling I am pressing hard on the outside of the foot rather than on the ball of the foot. I must have changed my gait a bit to take some weight off the inside leg, but I'd like to correct it because it feels a bit odd on the bike, and there's a bit of pain in the soleus and calf muscles, and up in the medial muscles just above the knee.

Any suggestions for a suitable approach?


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by Arky

The mechanics of the foot are amazing aren't they? If you are on speedplays, I would get off of them asap and eliminate that variable.

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by bricky21

I would experiment with arch support, wedging, and cleat position before trying different pedals.

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by Tapeworm

I would get a comprehensive bike fit by someone who really know their biomechanics and can make good use of system like Retul.
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by dkwperth

I'm on Time RXS pedals, which I had used without any problems for about 5 years before the break.

I was a bit surprised at how noticeable the difference is - those big MTB platform pedals let me get away with quite a bit I guess.

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