.gz files in Poweragent?

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by 2002SaecoReplica

I've got some old work out's that were uploaded to Training Peaks years ago that I'm now trying to download and put into my Power Agent activites field. When I go to download them from Training Peaks it downloads them in .gz format which neither Power Agent nor Goldencheetah is able to recognize. What do I do? How do I convert them to a usable format?
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by psycling

While I'm not familiar with this software, gz is a typical file extension used to indicate that the file is compressed. You might try unzipping it.

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by CoachFergie

Yes, they are compressed and need to be unzipped.

Although when dragging and dropping files from TrainingPeaks to WKO+ it is only Garmin files (.fit) that need to be uncompressed. .srm and .csv and of course .wko even if they are .wko.gz will drop straight in.
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