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A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by ToddLacross

I am a school teacher, but I am on a limited time schedule with Saturdays off for coaching. Saturday will be considered my rest day. What type of workouts are there to accomplish in a 30-45 minute time period that I can benefit from? I want to focus on all areas of riding: climbing, distance, and Sprinting. One each day if possible.

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by jamesbass

Look up "2x20 cycling" on google. Long 20-30 minute efforts are amazing for aerobic fitness and really tax your legs if done properly.

Another good one is 30/30, where you go hard for 30 seconds and easy for the remaining 30 seconds, for as long as you can handle. Best done at 5-minute climb & warm-up pace respectively. The great thing about this is that it's easier to modulate the effort for some people (so it's easier to "empty the tank") and easier mentally due to the recovery periods. Works really well from anywhere between 10-40 minutes and can really push your lungs to the limit. Also helps with accelerations (for sprinting) but is primarily an aerobic effort so wont actually help your sprinting power.

by Weenie

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