Saddle Question regarding prostatitis

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by ty-ro

eippo1 wrote:
ty-ro wrote:Regarding the Romin Evo... I had some more time on it and have decided that my "undercarriage" prefers a more flat saddle. When I tilt my pelvis forward, it puts even more pressure on my perineum due to the curvature of the saddle. I'm back to the Arione, but have an SSM Regale on the way.

Did you try an Arione Versus with the cutout to get rid of perineum pressure?

Yes, I tried both the Arione Versus and the Antares Versus. I found that the padding was too soft on the Arione Versus,
causing me to sink down into the saddle, thus negating any benefit of the cut-out. I may try one again since I have come down with epididymitis since this thread started. It's a curse! :evil: :wink:

I will be off the bike entirely for a bit, so I'm going to use the time to gather some saddles. I think I will be trying a Toupe 155 and possibly one of the SMP saddles. Steve Hogg has a wonderful article all about SMP's. ... bout-smps/

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