Best GPS training software for Mac OSX?

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by MaLóL

I bough t a decent enough Garmin Edge 500 cycling GPS unit, and also the heart rate band. I´ve been checking a few software options, apart from the ones included by GARMIN. I find that the garmin software doesn't show the google maps background when showing the track. Is this normal or it's just my setup? To see the background map I use an application called ASCENT. Seems really great, and you can compare information from different training stages and training evolution.

- What software do you use? am I missing some great application?
- What is your favorite website to upload your tracks, apart from garmin connect?

Thanks a lot!!!
Happy trails !!!!!

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by prendrefeu

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Strava is fantastic, highly recommended, all online.
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by Juanmoretime

While that is true you can register and use the Garmin Connect on Garmin's website and import the data and then check out the aerial map option. Using Garmin connect makes it much easier to share you data with friends and team mates or if you should have a coach.

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by icebreaker

Ascent is a great piece of software.

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