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by 4crosswheels

and so i turn in desperation to the world of my weight weenies brethren for advice on something that us cyclist take for granted....
The background; Im 19 im a student and quite high level racer in the uk in cross and mtb and i race on the continent too,I was down racing in london 5 weeks ago in london doing a night race (with high prize money).The gridding was totally randomn unless you were from down south where you were gridded highly...I was gridded miles back and should have been capable to going for the win without pushing myself too much but i was taken out on the first slicing my knee open and landing heavily.I then crashed again when a lapped rider moved right instead of left when asked.My cut knee and the pain were too great to finish.
The cut has healed but it is still slightly swollen my knee was swollen for 2 weeks after but it is now less swollen i continued to train and race on it then when i was racing last weekend i twisted it dismounting on a banking section and it began to hurt like it had done before i rode two laps in the lead group with one leg.... then i couldnt ride the hurdles anyone so i pulled out.The pain is worst when bent and under load and seems too increase with larger gears.

so weight weenies could anyone shed any light on this and help me get back on the bike?
because in 4 weeks im racing the worldcup on boxing day in belgium and racing from then every day the following 8 days
thanks in advance

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by rgkicksbutt

Get yourself to a physiotherapist, doctor, whoever, asap. They will have treatments you can't do at home, and be able to properly diagnose what the actual problem is. Bike racing has injuries, if you don't already know a good person to go to, some people you race with probably do. Honestly I'm a little shocked you have even posted here, around this area most people I race with (Pro/Elite MTB) head to a massage therapist or physio at the slightest hint of injury.

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by inthedrops

Go to the doctor. It sounds inflamed, easily fixed with medication. But for your future health you should make sure there isn't any permanent damage. Welcome to adulthood :)

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by 4crosswheels

ive been too the physio...sorry part of my message didnt post i dont know why, my physio advised me to rest and i have done for a week as instructed,but the is worst now than before i was hoping to here from people with recurring knee problems on how they solve them.I have ordered a ultrasound machine.

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by cookiemonster


You're asking about dealing with a "recurring knee problem" which usually refers to something that occurs sporadically over a longer time period - 6 months, a few years, that kind of thing. That's different to what you're describing, which is immediate recovery from an acute injury. It only happened two weeks ago, you havent given it time to "recur" :)

Seriously, if I understand you, you've given your knee a reasonably serious knock and need to recover from that one single event. The best advice is most likely still Rest, Ice, Compression & Elevation, take a NSAI like ibruprofen or diclofenac, keep the joint moving but with no stress. Cycle, but at recovery pace (like embarrassingly slow) for 45 minutes at a time maximum, maybe swim if you can - all that kind of "recovery from injury stuff". Its far too easy to give it a few days off, or a week, and think F*** it I'm bored, pile straight back in, and then in six months time you really will be asking about recurring knee problems!

btw - in which race did it happen?

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by Illuminate

What are you a student in?

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by hanzypanzy

I didnt have an accident to begin having knee pain, just began to get sore behind the knee cap over a period of time. Trainer suggested I see a foot doc and get him to measure the ankle angle, rotation of the knee when walking/riding/running etc. Dint think much of it but went.............2 weeks later with some foot beds inserted (with built up sections, not the same each foot) I can never leave home without my `implants`!!

Sounds like you have maybe done a little more damage though with the spills, but once youve had these checked out Id certainly look into getting measured, all humans walk with bad posture and ankle to foot alignment. Guys name is Jim McAvoy.

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by brintapap

It might sound cliché, but, "you don't what you got till its gone". If it's something with you're knee, let a good sports doctor take a look at it or even an orthopedic surgeon. And let them perform test to see if all your knee is function properly. It's better to be save than sorry imho.

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by 4crosswheels

ive been to the physio's and theyve assessed it to be a torn medial colateral ligament coupled with patella tendonitus,not the best result for me so i cant cycle its strapped up and i have ordered an ultrasound machine.i can however swim to keep my cardio fitness up,I did it in the muddy hell cx race at herne hill,I hope i can be ready for my ass kicking in belgium on boxing day is all i can say.

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by Cyco

Have you seen a medical doc about the possibility that the cut got infected?
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