Joule 2.0 not reading power

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marco fan
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by marco fan

Hi All

My power tap was inactive for a couple of months but when i use it now its only reading Hr and speed no cadenmce or power. When i was last using it i had it on my TT bike with the sensor for speed only. I think i changed the settings so it would not be "looking" for the hub.

Could anyone tell me what i did and what setting i have to change to get it back working with power?

Thanks a mill


by Weenie

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by ajmitchell

under setup > look for sensors > rotate wheel at axle (assumign powertap) > pair with sensor >> anything show up?

sounds more like a hub problem to me.

make sure batteries in your watt meter (powertap) are charged

Next try reseting joule whilst connected to poweragent

Next try pairing joule with someone else's try (if you can) someone else's powermeter (doesnt have to be a joule)

Next, but not to be taken lightly...If all else fails it is possible to completely wipe the joule and start again. To do this you format the contents of the joule folders on the computer (obviously this wipes past data on the joule but uploaded data ok, and the config files). unplug and replug the joule, it then reboots with the correct new software and start from stratch.

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