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by Dannnnn

Dannnnn wrote:
Tue Aug 14, 2018 9:22 am
1.77 @ 70kg - 28 years old.

5s - 984w (14.06)
1m - 455w (6.50)
5m - 308w (4.40)
20m - 262w (3.74)
FTP - 249w (3.56)

All recorded on my turbo (Tacx Neo).

Hoping to increase all numbers this winter, along with dropping a bit more weight (68kg would be perfect).
I'd like my FTP to be up around 280w, 5 min around 350w, 1 min around 500/520w and my 5s to be over 1000w.
1.77 @ 69kg - 28 years old.

5s - 984w (14.26 W/Kg)
1m - 506w (7.33 W/Kg)
5m - 308w (4.46 W/Kg)
20m - 269w (3.90 W/Kg)
FTP - 256w (3.71 W/Kg)

Been back on the turbo for around a month and managed to get some properly measured durations whilst doing the Zwift Academy.
I suspect my 5min and 20min (FTP) have all increased over what's above. I held 322w over 4 mins without too much hassle and managed to drop about 1kg at the same time.

Once I've finished the Academy, I'll do a ramp, FTP test or the Sufferfest 4DP one

by Weenie

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by leej88

30 years old
92kg :(

MAX = 1637w
5s = 1496w
20s = 1043w
1min = 510w
5min = 292w
20min = 245w

FTP = 233w

Haven't got myself tested for the past 3 or 4 months but I've been doing rides where I managed to avg 217w for 90min and an NP of 245w.

Can't seem to lose weight at all.

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by Nefarious86

86kg this morning
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by Grobar

171 @57kg, 23 years old

5sec: 714w - 12.52w/kg
1min: 428w - 7.50w/kg
5min: 306w - 5.37w/kg
20min: 238w - 4.17w/kg

1 year of cycling, 6 months of structured training. Riding about 5 to 7 hours a week.

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by LeDuke

An old bag at 33, short and fat at 167/64.5kg at the moment. Did 360w for 6min and 350w for 8min this week.

Live at 1900m, so it’s nice to go to a low area like the NorCal coast area and feel superhuman.

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by RyanH

Need to get some maximal 30s and 1 min efforts as they should be much higher:

30s: 10.71w/kg (down from over 13)
1min: 9.28w/kg (down from over 10)
2.5 min: 6.97w/kg
5min: 6.01w/kg
7.5min: 5.82w/kg
10min: 5.46w/kg
20min: 5.00w/kg

I think I could stretch 8w/kg to a full 2 minutes. Currently at 1:40 but that was in the middle of a group ride and at the beginning of a 20 minute race portion.

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by ryanw

Been shit recently.


5s - 19.9w/kg
30s - 12.1w/kg
1m - 9.8w/kg
5m - 5.6w/kg
10m - 5.2w/kg
20m - 4.7w/kg
'16 Cervelo S5 - 6650g
'17 Focus Mares Force 1 - 7,800g

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by jwalther

Old man at 55. 192 cm, 73 kg.

1m: 6.5 w/kg
5m: 4.2 w/kg
20m: 3.5 w/kg

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by Connor

Had some season bests at the end of the Summer. Never really got anyhwere with trainer road, but racing all spring and summer put some good power in my legs. at 61 kg I got: 1 min - 9.26 w/kg 2 min - 7.78 wkg 4 min - 6.55 w/kg 20 min - 5.29 w/kg FTP - 5.01 w/kg. I mostly focused on crits and sub 5 min power this year.

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by ryanw

305w for an hour at 61kg is great going Connor!

If only I was as light as you... I did a half arsed 316w for an hour on the turbo yesterday, but that only equtes to 3.76w/kg :lol:

Winter training for me is going to be very much structured around 20-60min power (unfortunately).
'16 Cervelo S5 - 6650g
'17 Focus Mares Force 1 - 7,800g

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by Connor

Thanks, Ryanw! I'm lucky to have a few climbs that are about an hour long around to test and train on. Good luck this winter! Most of the people I race and train with are going the polarized route this year and I think that'll be the way for me too - long z1/z2 and v02 to make sure its still there.

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by adam0bmx0

Age 33, 183cm, 71kg

I race in Masters A category out here in Australia (which is 30 years old + )

5s 1326W (17.5 W/kg)
1min 667W (8.93 W/kg)
5 min 451W (6.03 W/kg)
20min 320W (4.28 W/kg)

I've never actually done an FTP test.

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