A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Fortunately I'm not extolling the virtues of Powertap ;)

by Weenie

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by trentmorey

From 2013 & 2014 when I was racing/training pretty much full time at NRS level (equivalent to US Cat1 I think), 58.5-60kg

5s 1173w 19.71
1m 619w 10.58
5m 387w 6.50
20m 328w 5.51
FTP 316w 5.31

Didn't ride at all in 2016 and 2017. Started training again on January 2nd. Now 54kg, here's my 2018 numbers so far:

5s 1051w 19.46
1m 499w 9.24
5m 344w 6.37
20m 285w 5.37
FTP 277w 5.13

So my absolute power is well down on my best from a few years ago but I now work full time and havn't done a single race yet. Hopefully I can reach my old peak power at my present weight but it will take a few month longer.

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by Lewn777

10s: 15w/kg
1 min: 7w/kg
5min: 5w/kg
20 min: 4.2w/kg
FTP: 4w/kg

Power figures are approximate as I don't trust my powerpod power meter, so mixture of that and guesses from Strava and Zwift.

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by LeDuke

We keep alternating between warm-ish, extremely windy days and snow here at 2200m in CO, so I've been spending a lot of time on the rollers. When I get outside I'm usually out for long MTB or road rides. Don't even turn my PM on. Sacrilege, I know.

I haven't been doing a lot of long efforts. Been doing 10min efforts, within a 2hr ride. Not too much, just 3 or 4. Doing both steady state and over-under efforts, like 30/30s at 360w/330w.

Not at race weight (63kg) yet, but not too tubby at 65.5 most days. Doing 345w+ for the first two then usually dropping down a bit for the last one/two to mid-high 330s.

At sea level, a good bit higher.
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by onemanpeloton

There are some pretty incredible numbers on this thread.

Here's my modest efforts at 6'3 and 85kg:

5s - 1278w - 15w/kg
1 min - 510w - 6w/kg
5 min - 334w - 3.9w/kg
20 min - 297w - 3.5w/kg
2017 Giant TCR Disc
2016 Cube Crossrace
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by RyanH

Set new all time PRs last week for 4min through 10min in the same effort. Phil G showed up today and I was the only one dumb enough to go with, ended up doing 6w/kg for 6 minutes then crumbling about a minute and a half from the false flat, which I'm bummed about. Anyway, upped my power curve by a few watts again today on the 5 min to 8 min curve. I haven't done any dedicated efforts, so my profile right now is entirely from group rides and some training rides.

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