Starting to use a Kurt Kinetic trainer - Cleaning advice

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by G6612

Due to winter is getting close, I am starting to use my old bike on my trainer. It appears after a few uses the tire will begin to squeek at the contact point (tire to trainer). Anyone have a good cleaning process and what to use. I noticed after a few rides the tire will get a shiny glaze on it. Should I clean this off or scuff with something? Appreciate your input or experiences.
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by Kastrup

Why not use a specifically designed hometrainer tyre?
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by G6612

Do they work?

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by sungod

yes, i use one on my kk, no issues with squeaking

there is a faint metallic sheen from the roller, it doesn't matter

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by SL58

I use to rub some rosin on my rollers when they become slippery
from sweat. There is also belt dressing - for auto belts, it might work -the materials are basically the same - Alu. and rubber.

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by LouisN

I just use an old rag and wipe the shine off the rear tire (dry, no chemicals or anything). One minute job.


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by thisisatest

a little rubbing alcohol can help clean the rubber off the roller and i'd wipe the tire too.
make sure your roller is not too loose on the tire, causing the tire to slip. i'm of the opinion that too loose is much worse than a little too tight.

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