Training/maintaining closest to potential: maximum duration?

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by LouisN

Hi all,

I'm asking this question because I'm planning my "off season" training regimen right now. I started the year pretty late because of injury, but now I'm (kind of) fit and motivated, wich is unusual for this time of the year normally.
My question is: How hard is it OK to train, when you're 7 months away from racing season ?
By hard, I mean what energetic files are the best to train, and at what % of max, when you're entering 5-6 month of indoor training ?
Also, for how long can someone maintain his best/closest to potential form during the year ?

That could help me plan from now on till next may or so...

Louis :)

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by devinci


pretty much all energy system can be stressed at any time, only thing I think its worths paying attention is quantity. FWIW, during off season, I will do a lot of tempo-threshold (80%-100% FTP) and some short anaerobic efforts. You should just start progressively with the lower intensity for longer duration efforts and not do too much of everything all at once.

In a week, I might do: anaerobics x 1, threshold x 2, tempo x 1, vo2max x 1

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by Tapeworm

There is no "hard and fast" rules for the limit and duration of efforts per se, in terms of the structure of a season. What is a limiter and does need to be considered is the recovery from these efforts. Doing 30sec intervals day in, day out, WITHOUT adequate recovery will leave you cooked.

As I have posted in other threads the shorter the time to train it makes no sense to exclude particular energy systems. And in some regards it would be better to introduce harder efforts early on to allow the body/CNS adapt fully.

My 2cents worth.
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