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by toskij

Anybody experieced use of Glycerol?
It seems that works to limit the water loss of the body, so in the endurance sports it helps to hydrate the body in the hot conditions.
Assuming it before a race works like a sponge that avoids fluid losses from the muscles.
I never used it and here in South Italy we race mostly in hot conditions so I think it useful.
Contributions are welcome.
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by topcarbon

I have used it for years. Twin Labs makes glycerol fuel which is good.
I too live in hot and humid conditions-Puerto Vallarta Mexico. I cramp less and need less hydration when exerting myself in training.

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Samu Ilonen
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by Samu Ilonen

How much/how you use it? I have it also but I'm not sure..

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by knobby

Go to and look up Liquid Endurance. It has a dosage layout.
I have used many of their products with good results, and highly recommend them.
There are in-depth write ups on physiology and related ergogenics.

If you decide to try some, go to and use the 15% off button at the bottom of the page.

Good luck and happy riding!

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