Kind of a vulgar question about bicycle fitting

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Long ball Larry...

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I think I'm done reading this site... this question has pushed me over the proverbial edge. I been thinking that some people don't deserve the right to drive a car. Now I'm extending that to bikes - cycling does require some level of general intelligence so as to not hurt oneself or others.


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phourgenres wrote:When we are doing a general fitting for a bicycle, and we are trying to get 1 to 2" inches of clearance over our standover height, how does our ball sack come into to play? Are we supposed to ignore it (move it aside), and take the height from where the pelvic bone starts? Or are we supposed to take it into some consideration?

I am 5'7.5". Standover height of 31" using the former statement as my measurement. I have been riding a 56cm up to this point (that is what I was fitted with), but I sometimes feel I should be riding smaller, because I only can put me seatpost up about 4-5" before my knees have gone beyond 30 degrees? What would be the standard size of someone with my build? 52 or 54cm? 172.5mm crank arm? 100mm stem?

Pelvic bone for the inseam height.

56 sounds right for that height. I'm 6"1(185cm) and rode a 58 road with around 5 inches seatpost height, when I had one and currently a 54 TT with about 11 inches of seatpost height. I use 172.5mm crank arms and they feel kinda right. I tried 177.5 at a store for fun on a roller, but they were WAY not-me, felt like some pedalpowered waterboat, too big rotation for me.

That however is a total how-do-I-feel with the crank arms. I know a very experienced rider, 180cm(5"11), whose Road has 175mm and his TT has 177.5 after alot of testing, completely individual from person to person.

Stem wise I honestly dunno what my roadie had, and I doubt my stem for TT can be of help, as its based on the Retül fit I got, which again is compensated for me not being as flexible in my back and legs as a Yogi, so I had my 6 degree replaced with a 17 degree. Less aero but I breathe alot easier while I work on getting more flexible and then once I'm ready for it, a re-fit hopefully.

Hope this info helps, don't let the macho mob scare you out of asking, no stupid questions, just stupid answers.
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KWalker wrote:What I like to do is ride a saddle with a cutout, such as an SMP or Toupe, and actually cut a hole in my bibs and stick my ballsack through the saddle cutout! Works every time!

very flintstones ,,,,tempted to make a lance armstrong joke

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Funny stuff!

Bare feet, stand with back against a wall, feet shoulder width apart and have someone slide a hard spined book up between your legs until the spine of the book sits fairly hard pressed against your barse (the bit between your b*lls and your ar*e). Makr the top edge of the book spine on the wall then take the distance from the mark vertically down to the floor. Multiply this distance by 0.67 to give you a starting size for the seat tube, ie 52cm or 53cm etc.

As said, its not the end of the story as you may have a very long torso hence needing a long top tube frame etc. At least this will give you a start point for frame size/standover height.

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