Nethathlon and Peak Training Sensor Kit Anyone?

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by Slayer33

I'm looking at getting some kind of virtual reality cycling system to work with a Cycle Ops Mag+ trainer. I wanted to get the Tacx Fortius but can't justify the cost of the system.

I found this Netathlon software that when used with a Peak Training Sensor Kit is supposed to be similar to the Fortius, just that it cannot control the resistance. I am ok with that, as I can remotely change my resistance on my Mag trainer anyways.

I found this Netathlon and Peak Training Sensor Kit for $270US, not bad :D . But I am having troubles finding much info online about how well it does or does not work :? .

Does anyone have any personal experience with this system? I've seen some Youtube clips of the Netathlon SW, it seems cool but there's really no review, just video feeds.

From what I understand the Peak Training Sensor Kit attaches a speed and cadence sensor to your bike on the trainer, which attach to a digital signal processing unit and then to your PC via (USB or DB9) and the Netathlon SW is the interface on a screen/PC.

I'm just trying to find a better way to stay interested when the cold weather starts and I can no longer ride outside. I can't do videos/movies.. I find them just way too boring.
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