Diet - Help me stop eating junk

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by rustychain

Actually slow down and chew your food. You will be surprised at
a) how hard it is
b) how much it helps with overeating

eat in front of the TV
eat in bed
eat while working
eat when upset
eat when driving (its an American thing)

eating is not a time for multitasking.

Do eat a good breakfast, no excuses

consider the 90% rule...................if you eat well 90 % of the time treat yourself but keep portions under control
If you have a bad day just move forward. Don't make it a bad week.

forget the scale. A truthful look in the mirror is more accurate

Adding good habits should be your focus
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by stella-azzurra

Maybe people in solitary confinement eat this way :lol:

Eating does not need to be a chore and neither does exercising because when it does it's not fun anymore.
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by Weenie

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