Indoor cycling workouts

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by Bvb45

I've begun to realize just how much time, I'll be spending indoors, training up to a downunder competition in January-March 2012(not yet determined which one).

I therefore need some kinda specific and really tight and serious training program for indoor cycling on a trainer(LM Rev or Fortius, undecided yet) with one ride outside a week for road feel and balance.

My man to look at for inspiration upwards is Andy Potts who seems to be winning anything at half IM distance he touches. He only trained bike indoors till 2007 and still does most of his training inside on a trainer, so it definately works well enough for world-class top athletes, not being on the road more than once a week.

I'm not coldscared, its more concerned for darkness and slippery roads in the dark winter times ahead of us and decided a week ago to NOT go riding hard stuff outside. Only technical recovery rides and an odd long ride, where pace isnt that high, so danger can be avoided. I do NOT need a crash to ruin a very expensive trip with long and hard prep work.

Other than the Amazon Indoor cycling books, spinning classes with actual bike riders as instructors(highly recommended!), does anyone know a good resource for training programs of this kind?
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by Tapeworm

There have been a few threads on this topic here if you go through the archives.

In short I recommend 4 types of indoor workout:-
Tabata-style. (20sec on/10 sec off)x8, 4 mins rest, repeat
5x5mins intervals
2x20min intervals
Long ride.

Hits all the energy systems.
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by KH1

Try this thread - lot's of options.
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