gaining weight and building muscle

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by s4life

gomad is the most stupid idea to gain weight I've seen in a while.. it's like a recipe made for mentally handicapped people.

by Weenie

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by devinci


I think Gomad is pretty retarded too. Any such concept is silly in my mind anyway.

I think the essential idea is promoting milk protein, which as been shown to be a good complete protein for MPS

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by Tapeworm

I think this thread was edited or something because I sure as hell didn't start it.

Regardless, the whole GOMAD thing is from Rippetoe and co. and does work very well for those young 17-25 guys who are rake thin and go to the gym every day and complain that they are a "hard gainers", when generally speaking they are a small eaters, and given that it takes about 5grams of carbs (or 20cal) to turn a gram of protein into muscle that protein shake alone isn't going to cut it.

However most of us I think generally are trying to do the opposite, and in which case this could be relevant:-
"Physiology is all just propaganda and lies... all waiting to be disproven by the next study."
"I'm not a real doctor; But I am a real worm; I am an actual worm." - TMBG

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by Tinea Pedis

Yep, this thread seems to have been split at some point.

No idea where or when or by who (sure wasn't me).

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by boots2000

Didn't Arnold say "Milk is for babies"?

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