winter racing.

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by hucklesby

its now my off season till december when i start doing my base miles. what would people recommend in terms of racing in this period? or is it better to just do some enduros and cyclo cross when i start training in december?

by Weenie

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by simon

what do you race in summer(road or mtb)?people say that cyclocross is a very good school for riding skills, because you don't have a lot of tech on your bike that makes riding easyer. also in winter it's cold and not always funny to ride every weekend between 4 and 6 hours. if you train for cross races, training is shorter with more intensity, and you know what to do on the weekends(go to cross races). i don't know how the races are at your place, but people often think you have to buy 3 cross bikes to be able to race. this is not the case, most of the time 1 bike is enough, place a pair of wheels into the material post if you have a flat tire, but if you do this for training and not for winning, there's no problem if your bike is 1 kilo heavier at the end of the race.

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by Dan the Man

Racing during your off season? :? I get as far away from my bike as possible during the off season and try to do other/new things like swimming, hiking or going on a tour. Helps me refresh my mind so that when I start my base again (also in december) I am hungry for the bike/season ahead.
Then again I am still racing until the first weekend of November and start base early in december, much shorter break.

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