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A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by KH1

I just get off the trainer and go eat half a tub of ice cream then complain about how I'm not getting anywhere with my training program because my coach is crap and doesn't understand my needs wants and desires. Then I cry myself to sleep and sometimes I suck my thumb.

Wow! That was really liberating.
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by capnc

Ammonia capsules..

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by CoachFergie

nicemonkey wrote:I had a particularly hard strength training session on the turbo today (Z4/5) and I cracked half way through, my legs were OKish but my head cracked at the end of a Z5 rep.

I have tried the usual, looking out the window, radio etc but is there any little tips that others use that I could try...other than growing a pair obviously! :)

Take each rep at a time. If I have a brutal trainer session planned I try not to think in terms of 5-10 reps of suffering. I think in terms of one quality rep at a time, planned recovery then complete the next rep.

I also don't set a target for number of reps just count the number of quality reps performed. Some days will be good and some will be bad. Once you crack there is no sense in finishing the workout. That is just pointless overload and training the body to ride slow.
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by MattSoutherden

To the OP, what kind of workouts are you doing?

I find 2x20 on a turbo is pretty mind-numbing, but if I do criss-cross work, bursts, or suchlike, then that keeps my concentration on what level I'm gunning for rather than the fact that my legs are about to cave.
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by lcoolb

Bad Brains on the iPod, max volume and go ;)

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by victorduraace

Grinding your teeth as recommended :x
If you're really going slow then blood in your eyes and keep grinding :twisted:
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by Chiva

I think about the TT I lost by 4 seconds, the mtn bike race I lost in the sprint for the finish, or when I got popped on the last big roller after having kept up on the big climb just before. These motivate me to keep the foot on the gas.

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by indie

Tokyo Drifter wrote:"gape the dang"

a meaningless expression that a friend of a friend recites. hard as nails and it gets him out of seriously deep ruts. (simpson desert race, anyone?)

"gape the dang" it is then.... love it.

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by MileHighMark

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by Tinea Pedis

The bonus to all this is that in a race the same mindset is really handy when the legs are screaming but you know if you can just close that gap you're still in contention.

It's as much about being able to 'out suffer' the next guy as anything else.

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