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by cyclemanpat

just did my first ride using High5 drink. Great stuff, did 75 miles and I felt like I had more energy and just felt overall stronger. Did lots of climbs in the ride and sipped this stuff during the entire ride, never felt tired or beat down.......good stuff!!!

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by marcuss

I usually drink Maxim. When racing I following the dosage instructions, and very diluted when training. I´m reasonably happy with it, but I wish they could provide more flavours. Anybody know of some sports drinks with blackcurrent flavour? Caught a bottle from the CA service car during the TdF (hadnt been used) with a blackcurrent flavoured drink that tasted quite good. No idea what brand it was.

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by JK

I mix maltodextrin with water and a little bit of salt. Maltodextrin is the basis of a lot of sport drinks. It solves in water, so it does not upset your stomach at the right concentration. It still has long Carbohydrate chains, so its absoption in the blood is a bit more spread out than sugar or glucose/fructose.

The stuff is great: It has allmost no taste, so you never get bored with it, and if you do, you can mix some citron or other tasty stuff in it. Last but not least: It costs only €20 for 4,5kg at a local online pharmacist who specializes in food supplements in big quantities. I am never going to pay more again for branded stuff that contains the same ingredients :)

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by mpap89

how much maltodextrin do you put in per ___ amount of water. thanks

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by OLver

Hammer HEED (complete elctrolyte profile + maltodextrin) when it's hot
or only maltodextrins+water and fruit juice

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by swiftyer

Water for every waking minute.
MUSCLEMILK! for my preworkout
Orange Juice for recovery
Green tea with meals
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by tcr

Staminade all the way!! :D its not too sweet which makes it a bit more pleasant to drink than some

I'm suprised that some of you say that you train with water only, how much training are you actually doing?
Cos if I trained for 5hrs on water I know I would be well and truly screwed :shock:

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by whooztheman

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