effect of caffiene on racing

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by Perry

there was a recent paper from AIS (Australian institute of sports) on caffein usage
check their site http://www.ais.org.au/

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by big fellow

Bruiser wrote:I don't drink coffee (ever!) and I was a non-responder. I don't sleep after caffine but it doesn't make me hypo. Not sure if there is any connection there.

well caffeine is a neuro-stimulant amongst other things - so definitely a connection there....it has the same effect on me as well!

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by IanB

I used caffine tablets (Pro Plus) during a 24hr solo mtb race earlier this year. The purpose was to increase my alertness during the night and to try to fend off the effects of sleep deprivation.

In the two-three weeks leading up to the event, I reduced my caffine intake considerably until my diet was caffine free for 7 days before the event. During the event at night, I took two Pro Plus tabs, washed down with regular (flat) Coke on two consecutive laps. The effects of the first pair were very noticable - I was more awake at 2am than I was at start of the race 12hrs ealier! The second pair didn't have such a pronounced effect, but then it got light and my body started its natural "waking up" processes so I was OK.

Not convinced I would use Pro Plus in any other circumstance, but for 24hr racing its great :D

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