Has anyone gotten asthma after starting cycling?

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by Jameslee92

wow, interesting.

A year ago, I was fairly fat. I started exercising and lost a lot of weight. I had fairly infrequent asthma that seemed to develop the heavier I got. I had never went to the Dr. for , just used a primatine mist when it was an issue. As I started to exercise regularly those problems ramped up right along with my activity level. I still haven't gone to the Dr about it, and currently it's pretty well only an issue while exercising. I am though using the inhaler at least once or twice during a run or ride.

Thanks! This makes me think I shouldn't continue to ignore it.

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by twowheelnut

As a side-result from a near-fatal bee sting almost six years ago, I was diagnosed with asthma. I had always experienced coughing and wheezing after heavy exertion, such as when hammering on the bike.

Long story short, last year I finally figured out how to lose weight by going paleo. This year, I took it a step further by adopting the "Live Right For Your Type" diet. Apparently, even among "Healthy Natural Foods", there are some that are good for you and some that are not, based on chemistry that is primarily relevant to an individual's blood type, among other, less-significant factors.


"Beneficial" foods are like superfood, "Neutral" foods are just groceries, and "Avoid" foods are like poison in your system. According to this system and research, what we eat has a whole lot to do with our health and prevention of disease that we are genetically pre-disposed to. Go figure...

Last month, I aced the test that originally was used to diagnose me with asthma. Also, no more wheezing after exertion, among other increases in various aspects of my general health, without prescribed medications or any steroid therapy.

I'm not saying that eating right ("for your type") will cure you, but it certainly won't worsen your condition(s). I have read many testimonials of people who experienced a significant increase in health and well-being as a result of adopting this lifestyle. Your mileage may vary....

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by Lewis

^ Interesting stuff
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by eric

fitty4 wrote::prednisolone


You might look up the side effects before you take too much of that.

In fact that's always a good idea. Some drugs are dangerous but doctors prescribe them anyhow. For example Propecia can severely lower your testosterone levels permanantly.
http://men.webmd.com/news/20110309/sexu ... gs-persist

If you do stop Prednisone, you have to taper off it.
http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/predni ... al/AN01624

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by Max Gravity

A lot of people find out they have asthma when they start training, (not uncommonly in their 30's).
One sign is that it takes long time to get going, hard time to hang on in the beginning of training etc
Sensitive to infections, sore throat endless colds etc goes with the infected airways.
It is also very common with allergy in combination, that stresses the immune system to make things worse.
Also a swollen/blocked nose makes you breathe thru mouth a problem at night as well = sore throat, tired etc.

Maybe the Spiro test is "unscientific" but try it and then use some borrowed Bricanyl / Ventolin and do it again
after 10 min.
Clear difference is another sign.
Then it is off to a MD to get treatment.
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by hna

I was diagnosed with exercise-indused asthma back when I was competing in XC-skiing. It was much worse back then because I was training and competing in cold conditions. Now that I do the hard sessions on the trainer in the winter I can get by most of the year without my medicines. There are still some periods in early spring and late autumn I am dependent on the medicines to train properly though.

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