best chamois cream?

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by bobalou

Any suggestions/opinions on good stuff .. and particularly for a good price?

Racing Aardvark
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by Racing Aardvark

I use the Assos creme. I mean, really, a jar lasts a pretty good long time.

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by topcarbon

Assos all the way. Something about the menthal and the skin in that area. I have NEVER recieved any sores with the stuff. The stuff is great. I haven't tried anything else, but if it aint broke, I won't fix it.

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by bobalou

I've been using Assos .. but it's kindof pricey.

Anyone ever try the paceline or brave soldier .. or born?

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by homegrown

I've tried sixtufit gessas cream, chamois butt'r, and relief cream by excel sports. Honestly, none of them were clearly better than the others. I think you could probably use hand lotion and get damn near the same effect. I'm a fan of the Relief because its cheap and does the job.

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by newbieweenie

Utter cream for me on anything over 2 hours. Works like a charm.

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by Ripley451

Assos, although I bought a different one in Denia, Spain (after leaving mine at home on the pantry shelf) and found that very good although it doesn't wash out very well at all.

Assos Assos

or....for something completely different...

Vorsprung Durch Tortë

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