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A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by Kastrup

Any recommendations? So far i have consideres these options:

A rowing machine: Great workout for the entire body. I have a small room connected with mine and this unit should fit perfect in there. It's rather costly though, if you want a a decent one though. Also, i am an outdoor kinda guy and i wonder if i'll get bored on this thing.

XC skiing: This would be the best option if we had any kind of snow security here in Denmark. A "good" winter can gift us with enough snow for some regular training. Often though, it melts away then freezes up again becoming ice....

My trusty winterbike: I quite like going on these long cold miserable rides with nothing but a headlight to keep me company. But due to the weather in Denmark during winter, the bikepaths and roads are often either iced over or filled with salt. I also hate coming home and realizing a single 2-3 hour ride has taken 30% out of my chains remaining life :)

I'm an avid mountainbiker, sporadically competitive in various disciplines but the thought of ruining both my winter- and mountainbike keeps me from just resording to these issues. Also, as i am not really worried about reaching peakform at a specific time i wouldn't mind doing something else. What do the members of WW do during the winters?

I know this has probably been discussed before. But i thought people migh have other ideas instead of just getting on a trainer og winterbike.
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by Weenie

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by devinci

depends on your goal and what you like

I mostly trade 15-20h of training a week for 5-8h of trainer, with tons of intensity.

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by hna

Old boring volume here. Competing in road races and my endurance needs working on.

15-30h per week from my exams end in November to the season starts in April. XC skiing if it's too cold for winter biking. All intensity workouts on the rollers (because of cold air outside). Lots of SST in first part of winter. More intensity and a little less volume when the season nears. Some weight training for injury prevention.

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