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by Dalai

I am planning on travelling to Malta this year. It was going to be in September immediately after the Duathlon World Championships, and therefore could leave the bike back in Australia and have a break. A change of plans has me maybe going instead this June, and I will need the bike to train for the Worlds.

Does anyone know about training / racing road or triathlon in Malta? I am aware it's a small group of islands and I will need to do multiple loops for longer mileage but wonder if the roads and conditions are suitable?

I have done some searching and have come up so far with very little information.

Thanks in advance for any replies. Martin

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by stevecampag

Hi Martin.

I went to Malta last July and whilst it's a great island the vast majority of the roads are appalling-you really would need a 10" travel full sus"!!!! Having said that there is one main road,which,for the most part was billiard smooth and looked very fast.It runs from Qwara in the north east southwards along the coast.If it goes all the way around the coast it would be ok to train on.

There are no climbs as such but all the roads are undulating most of the time. Think there is just one shop and one team/club in Malta-based in Valletta if I remember right.They are a Bianchi dealer I think.

BTW: EVERYONE in Malta drives like they are on a wildest police chase video so watch out!!!

Hope this helps, Steve.

by Weenie

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by bonell

Hi Martin

This is Etienne from Malta, I suggest you contact the Malta Triathlon Association on or visit their web site

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by Dalai

Thanks for the reply guys. I did receive a reply from Manuel from the Malta triathlon association.

There are some decent roads, but due to the small size of the islands I will be doing multiple loops...

Cheers Martin

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