best rain gear?

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by bobalou

I don't really mind riding in the rain, even cold rain .. well, as LONG I can stay fairly dry. But the biggest problem is feet staying dry.

I'd like to hear about good wet gear .. but ESPECIALLY footgear.

right now I use wool socks, a neoprene sock over that (larger shoes to accomodate) and foot booties. The booties are suppose to be waterproof but .. they aren't really. Rain pants also so rain doesn't get in the top of the booties. It works for awhile but after about an hour it's useless!

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by ultimobici

Get a winter bike or Cyclocross bike. Keep your WW bike for better weather. That way you go faster on WW bike and your bike isn't knackered.

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by the_taaboo

You should buy some neoprene over-shoes like that ones:

-The tight/rain trousers should be OVER the neoprene shoes! The water cannot get ito the shoe.

I do that in conjuntion with my SIDI MTB winter shoes. Its working.

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by the Repeater

The Pearl Izumi coated booties.

They're coated w/ something that makes them completely waterproof. I use the Amfibs.... a little water gets in around the cleat area and seeps up to the toes, but it isn't that bad. The coated booties provide a better fit, and are more impermeable to moisture.

And fenders.... not raceblades; but at least a full front fender and mudflap to keep your feet dry.

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by Tippster

I ride in all weathers. Most rides are between 10 and 30 miles. I find overshoes do the job of keeping my feet dry. Cheaper than a second pair of bad weather shoes.

I really dont mind getting wet on my body and legs. The main problem I have is with spray in your eyes from the front wheel. Yet still, the ww inside me refuses to add mudguards.

If it is really pooring it down then I use a waterproof jacket. I rarely bothered about wet legs as the are constantly moving.
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