Squeaky Wheel on Trainer

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by FPC

Any suggestions on quieting the tire-trainer interface? Squeaky rubber on metal drum

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by Mulle

Higher tension between the wheel and the roller.
Less power on the pedal :wink:

I personally though about doing some small grooves into the roller, to get more friction. But It would proberly kill the warrenty.

Perhaps try another tire with higher rolling resistance.

I have the same problem when I do some serious startup on my I-Magic.
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by keithster

I have a rim drive, so this is a little different, but I had a squeek so I lubed the two wheels with chain dry chain oil (the stuff I use on my chain), rim drives generally are a lot quieter. lubing some of the bearings on the tire drive trainer may help.

Riding on carpet or using a mat should help to dampen the sound but don't ride on plush carpet the trainer will sink in and burn the carpet. Lots of LBS carry mats designed specificically for riding the trainer.
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