What is everyone weighing in at?

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by Klontje

1.85 meter
(4.6 watt/kg)

don't have to lose weight(still growing)...

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by RihardsR

1.83 meter
69 kg ( 72-73kg at winter)
18 years old
cycling is a part of my sport- triathlon

by Weenie

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by itch

223 Winter
218 Summer


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by spinwax

Well since I posted this, I am down around 158. I am looking pretty thin, but I feel good and I can definitely feel it on the hills.

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by Bridgeman

A few weeks ago I was 202, and it wasn't pretty. I took some time off, and you know what can happen. I'm currently at 196 and starting to feel a glimmer of hope. It's amazing, the positive effect of dropping just a few pounds can have.

I'm actually not in a rush to drop to my target of 180/184 until it starts to warm up. I haven't been sick this winter and I think it's the extra weight. In the past if I was lighter the rain and road grim would sometimes conspire along with low body fat.

So, the idea is; being fat is like weight lifting on the bike, and part of the winter program!

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by Irish

Damn I need to lose weight ....I got onto my talking scales this morning and it said " One at a time please" :lol:

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by ty-ro

Thought I'd post an update... I've always been built as a climber but recently my coach put me on a core strength training routine 2x a week. I have gained 3 lbs since starting the routine. I've been doing it about 3 months now and I feel better than ever. I feel much stronger into the wind on the flats. It used to blow me backwards. I'm amazed by the difference that a few pounds can make in the direction of gain. With the added power I do not feel as though my climbing has suffered one bit either.

36 years old
6' 1"
150 lbs (pre strength training)
153 lbs (post strength training)

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by Bridgeman

Core strength training is the only way to go. The difference between having done it vs not, during crunch time is all too apparent. It helps to weather the hurt better.

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by Cyco

191cm, 109.5ktg, VO2 5.1l/m, 9% fat
Success is how far you you bounce back up after being knocked down

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by jockeywilson

193cm and 80 kg. 38 years old

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by giantchris

6' 1"

145-150 lbs

I live in Florida so thats a year round weight. 365 days possible to ride. I think the coldest its been this winter is 35F at midnight.

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by Irish

6 ft 5inch........224lbs :( ........first race of the season (hilly)....6th place.. happy days :lol:.....I'm not a clydesdale.....I'm FAT.

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by elcidrick

17years old

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by SQ

jockeywilson wrote:193cm and 80 kg. 38 years old

I am 193 and down to 80 also but 40 yo.

Big Mig was 80 kg but 188 back in the day and Boonen and Taylor Phinney are also 193 but 82 kg. So no excuse for us height/weight wise...although I am the wrong side of 40 so I can play the age card. :wink:

by Weenie

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Kross King
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by Kross King

i'm 16 years old
i'm 6'3-4
enjoys life
thats me
"Pain is temporary - just like life"
"lifes a b*tch and then you die"

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