What is everyone weighing in at?

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by WinSuits

spinwax wrote:I am always curious what everyone is weighing in at for their height and this is Weight Weenies right? :lol: :lol:

Are you where you want to be for the season? I am close, but not quite there.

6ft/ 6'1" (183cm) I am just a hair over 6 foot.
161lbs (73kg) I am now 156!!!!and I keep losing weight.
Age 36

When my first race comes around in Feb I will be 156-58. Per my calculations should put me where I need to be before I actually start losing muscle but still have some wiggle room. Seems to be the best weight for my height to be a good all around cyclist.

My wife already thinks I am too skinny!!! LOL. Hey, it's the best shape I have been in for about 12 yrs.

Wife tells me too that I'm too thin.
I'm 5'10 and 155 lbs.

My problem that I cannot hide from her is that I am often cold.
I'm 35 y/o.

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by davidalone

24 yo

178cm (5"8)
65kg (143 lbs) as of last week.
65 - 68 kg normally (143 lbs- 149.6)

race weight is probably 60-64 kg ( 132-140lbs)

by Weenie

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by JureC29


I'm not sure I could loose any more weight with keeping all the muscles.... maybe a kilo... Anything more would made me look like a stick.

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by Elpimpo


down from a post-surgery 220 thanks to cycling!

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by Machinenoise

6'1" or ~185cm
25 y.o.
334w FTP

Hopefully back north of 350w by end of august for my attempt to break my clubs 50mile TT record. Currently 1:51:37. Only 26.9mph average....

Hopefully drop a few more kg by then with all the extra training too. 5w/kg here we come again! Shame my sprint is like a wet noodle.

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by zik

age 31

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by qwop

54 kg
178 cm

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by tod

133 lbs

178 cm
60 kilos

46 years old

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On Plastic Existence

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by Rush

6' 3"
193 lbs


38 years old.

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by bearsdidit

63 kgs w/ a ftp if 230. pretty sad

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by djm

27 years 75 kilos spread unevenly over 190 cm.

My ftp is somewhat uncertain as my Srm has a flat battery and is heading for service. Guesstimate is somewhere around 360W.

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by boots2000

I was around 63kg.
I started eating more carbs- trying to get at least 60% of my calories from carbs and also using the formulas from the book "racing weight".
Seems like my weight is up 1-1.5kg but I recover better and feel way stronger than at 63kg.

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by Twinning

23 years old

6'2 215lbs

189cm 97.5 kilos

I'm a big boy. Was into weightlifting so my thighs are pretty strong at sprinting. Burn out pretty quickly though... Too much mass... Upper body is a bit difficult to find jerseys. Tourniquets for my arms. Tight on chest and back. Loose neck and loose around the mid section. Guess the clothing industry expects people that have my size arms to have huge bellies and fat necks. :/

by Weenie

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by SalsaLover

1.80m and currently 82Kg, struggling to lose those final 2 ...
Hucken The Fard Up !
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