What is everyone weighing in at?

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by phourgenres

5'8 - 148 - 25yrs

Still trying to get down to 140, but I've been hovering around 150 for awhile.

I think this is the only place I say I am trying to lose more weight, and not get called out for an eating disorder.

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by cpfitness

6'3" 250lbs heaviest I've been in my 2years riding and I'm in my best cycling shape. Really think I'm gonna commit to good eating thru the winter and drop down to around 215. Gonna be tough for me to get much lower than that I'm really muscular

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by artray

5'11 and a bit ,6ft on a relaxed day ,,,175lbs

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by toronto-rider

5 Feet 11 or just under 6. 161 lbs.
Either I don't weigh myself that much, but cant remember ever being this light. My fitness is also not that great compared to prior years.
Only thing I think off is I got married and eating much better compared to single life. Not that I ate badly as a bachelor, but was not that balanced (crackers and cheese and nuts, does not factor as a meal now)

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by noraakcuf

18 yrs.
155 lbs.

I could use a diet.

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by shoopdawoop

19 years old
140 lbs. now; typically around 130 during race season
I too could use a diet :oops:

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by Dane

27 years old, 6'3", 168 lb (76 kg).

Aiming to get back down to 73 by the end of spring.

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by Guymk

18 years.
5' 8.5"
132lbs as of this morning. Weight wise i am good for january, hopefully by race season i will have lost the last little bit of flab on my stomach.

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by bikerboy337

6 foot, 180 right now, 35 yr old

By spring, I'll be down to 170 and 165 for May.

lukey muffler
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by lukey muffler

28 yrs
67kg / 148 pounds

For road racing season should be down to 64kg / 141 pounds

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by sawyer

A hair under 197cm

And an ounce over 123lbs
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by majklnajt

You are kidding, right?
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by bJay

gained weight since starting polo (I needed the muscle anyway)

6 ft 2 inches
179 pounds

a riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in lycra

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by theremery

46 yrs old

5'11" and sadly, close to 180lb......should be 72kg (160 ish lb).....had a really crap winter and didn't ride for 5 months :(
Updated: Racing again! Thought this was unlikely! Eventually, I may even have a decent race!
Edit: 2015: darn near won the best South Island series (got second in age
-group)..woo hoo Racy Theremery is back!!

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by prendrefeu

Side question:

I don't know my FTP, at all. In the meantime: I saw that Strava has listed under my profile a 5min Power and a 10min Power. Should I list those along with my weight/height so you can all get a sense of how of a non-power rider I am? :mrgreen:
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