What is everyone weighing in at?

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by carbs

Can't believe how light most of you guys are.
I'm 29,182cm and between 82kg+-1kg
Only way i can get below 80kg is doing no exercise at all for a while so i loose muscle

by Weenie

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by adgem1

37yrs 140lb and 5ft 7 ,5% fat . thats half a stone lighter than last year for me.
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by UKpaul

175cm and 67kg and 33 y/o
Ive not had access to a bike for 4 months,only weights and treadmills, should drop a few kilos in the summer hopefully.

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by Delfino

17 years old
166 cm
51,5 kg
I love climbing! :)

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by whyamihere

20 years old,

Hoping to be about 66-67 by the end of March.

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by WTF?

Some of you guys are skinny! When I get down to 77kg people ask if I am on chemo! And I am 5'10".

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by stella-azzurra

One of the lamest threads on WW but I'm not surprised because this confirms WW are a bunch of wossies after all.
Show of hands, how many of you turn to your significant other and ask: "Do my <favorite bib's> make my butt look big?"

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by ty-ro

For the record, I am not a "body weight weenie". I eat whatever I want, whenever I want. I eat something like 5 meals a day with snacks in between. It can actually a pain in the arse to keep the weight ON, especially when riding a lot. If I stop exercising, my appetite drops and I lose weight. I'm always hungry and always eating. I just happen to have a physique that is tall and slender. I'm jealous of the guys that I ride with because they bring like one or two gels and I have to bring like 5-7. Blessing and a curse?

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by kenyoncycleist

dude u seriously have a problem, eat food, its good for u.

rgkicksbutt wrote:6' 4"

145 to 150 lbs

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by Sacke

WTF? wrote:Some of you guys are skinny! When I get down to 77kg people ask if I am on chemo! And I am 5'10".

I am 5'10" too, and I used to be 83kg at one point. That was before I started biking (2003) and my main student life hobby was partying and eating fat food on hangover days.

Before biking I started to go to the gym a little bit so built some upper body mass. Weight was around 75kg.

Started biking in 2005, and now I have been down to 68,5kg. Then came Christmas and the weight went up to 70kg.

Current state:

Age: 27
Height: 5'10" or 178 cm
Weight: 154 lbs or 70 kg

Goal before June: 143 lbs or 65kg.

My wife definitely thinks I am too skinny now, and would like me to quit optimizing my weight ideal power / weight ratio. :)

Too bad she already took the vows and is stuck with me. :lol:
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by TheBugMan

Sacke wrote:
WTF? wrote:My wife definitely thinks I am too skinny now, and would like me to quit optimizing my weight ideal power / weight ratio. :)
... My GF also hates how skinny I get, she just doesn't understand the performance gain.

BTW, nice pics. I submitted them to a gay web site. You should be getting emails shortly. just kidding!
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Yiannis-Super 6.
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by Yiannis-Super 6.

Ok,back from my(very cold)training ride.Luckily I was alone so was able to keep my HR up othewise at my weight I would've frozen to death.!
Today's personal stats:
Racing age 52
Ht 174-5'8.5"
Wt 59 Kg-130.1 Lbs
Racing Wt 61 Kg
Fat % 4.8
A little too light right now but when racing starts up again will cut back on training,should be able to get back to target wt.
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by ExtraBeno

19 years old
127 pounds (58kg)
Trying to get to around 60 in a few months

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by oclv150

I'm 21 years old,
177 c"m (5.8 )
62-60 k"g (132-136 LBS)
But what about FTP? Its the rotio that meters...
my Curent FTP is around 320 watts, aiming on 340 later this season while getting to 60-61 k"g

by Weenie

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by ras11

strobbekoen wrote:178cm
now 134kg, 10% body fat (special adapted japanese sumo diet)
500W at 140bpm

Do you even feel the wind? I need you on my team.
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