What is everyone weighing in at?

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phil s
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by phil s

68.8kg, 1m75, aiming for 67kg when it's warmer.

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by Kermithimself

178 cm, and about 74 kgs at this point. Hope to bring that down to around 72 kgs during the season, but haven't been that low in many years.

But then again, I have wide should and big bones without really being fat.
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by Weenie

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by currieinahurry

74 kilos
5ft 10.
be down to 72 easy by summer.
and im 24
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by Super_fast

Currently 66 kg, in the season around 65 kg. I am 1m87 and 20 years old.

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by aarw

rgkicksbutt wrote:6' 4"

145 to 150 lbs

You what? I'm also 6' 4"

I'm overweight at the minute after living in a hotel for the last 4 months with no regular access to gym or bike, weighing in at 82.5kg (approx.182lbs) this morn.

I'd like to start the season in March getting close to under 80kg (175lbs). if i get back to 79kg i'll be happy to stay at that for the summer.

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by mattr

used to race at 57-59 kilos, depending on if an on or off road focus for the season. 175 tall.

Now retired and just shy of 84 kilos! (Which, according to my doctor is a much better weight to be!)

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by Ghastly

25 years: 1.93m and around 70kilos.

this morning 1.93 and 67kilos, but that's because i was sick... hope to gain some with again, cuz this is too skinny!

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by Gregorio

This morning
76kg and 177cm (I ate 3 pieces of pound cake last night)

I am 42 years old.
mid summer I am around 71kg and 5-7% body fat (atleast per my gym where they do free monthly testing. Not sure how accurate it is.)

I was very surprized to see how skinny most people are.

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by smithy1.0

I'm around 68kg at the moment. Ideal MTB race weight is 66kg. I'll loose those last couple of kg when my season starts. I've been as low as 63kg in the past when I was too weight concious, but it was way too lean, felt weak and tired all the time and I lost a lot of power in the process :lol: 176cm and 26 years old btw :wink:
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by ryan_sherlock

27 years old (just)
185.5 cm
currently 74kg (ish) but end up racing around 72.5-73.5. After 'off-season' around 76 so I don't freeze my butt off and get a cold!

Mostly race off-road with some road hill climbs thrown in :)

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by willbushby

17 years
73.8 at the mo
by march 70kg

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by irishdave

hey boys....

my weightloss is going nicely.

now down to 80kgs from above 86ks a few months back.

hope to be below 78kgs by july for TransAlps MTB !!

im 28 and 180cm.


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by kavitator

now 84,5kg...fatt 7%...in seasion i hope 81kg and 5%fat

at 160heart beats (my max heart rate is 195-200) now develop 395Wats

26 years old

for now single :wink: :lol:

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by strobbekoen

now 134kg, 10% body fat (special adapted japanese sumo diet)
500W at 140bpm

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by _SJ_

38, 180cm, 76kg. Which is my normal winter weight, I will be down to racing weight of 72 by May.

by Weenie

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