What is everyone weighing in at?

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by spinwax

I am always curious what everyone is weighing in at for their height and this is Weight Weenies right? :lol: :lol:

Are you where you want to be for the season? I am close, but not quite there.

6ft/ 6'1" (183cm) I am just a hair over 6 foot.
161lbs (73kg) I am now 156!!!!and I keep losing weight.
Age 36

When my first race comes around in Feb I will be 156-58. Per my calculations should put me where I need to be before I actually start losing muscle but still have some wiggle room. Seems to be the best weight for my height to be a good all around cyclist.

My wife already thinks I am too skinny!!! LOL. Hey, it's the best shape I have been in for about 12 yrs.
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145lbs this AM
Usually around 140-142lbs in the summer

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by Weenie

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by spinwax

STARNUT wrote:6'0"
145lbs this AM
Usually around 140-142lbs in the summer


MAN, Skinny!!!!!!!! I am a small guy. I have super small wrist, knees, etc, but I would look fricken sickly at that weight.

All I know is, as long as I weigh less than Lance, I am cool... :lol:

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by xcfisher

i'm 5'9.5". I go anywhere from 128 to 136 or so depending on the time of year and how many beers I drink. 133 right now as I am starting my heavy training again.
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by TheBugMan

Winter = 165-170lbs
Summer = 160-165lbs

I'm 5'11"
Black hair (bald)
Brown eyeballs
Enjoys long walks along the beach/snuggling
Currently in a relationship

EDIT: Just turned 36yrs young.
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by rgkicksbutt

6' 4"

145 to 150 lbs

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by devinci

omg you guys are sooooooo WW

im freaking 1.77m 164 lbs in winter, about 160-159 in summer. Not fat, pretty muscular.

guess you guys fly up those hills...

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by geraldatwork

60 year old Clydsdale
215 lbs
and growing
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by HisRoyalThighness

183cm and 89.6kg this mornig. But I row, so that's ok :D
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by JanJ

6. 0" , 144lbs right now. 138-140lbs in summer season.

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by mxfox

I think your age should go first

50 yo

5' 10.5"

Summer 168
Winter (this winter 179) been sittin on my ass, by June I'll be back to 168-170

I ride when I when I really wanna go out, in the summer its like 200 miles per week avg, winter 30 miles per week
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by ty-ro


145-150 lbs (less in summer)

And if I stop eating mass amounts of natural peanut butter, I start dropping like a rock!

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by spinwax

Wow, you guys are lighter than a lot of pros of the same size. :shock:

Here are few for comparison from sprinters to climbers to dead guys.

Lance Armstrong 5'11"-155-164lbs. Who knows? LOL
Tom Boonen 6'4"-180!!!!
Marco Pantani 5'7" 130.
Alessandro Ballan 6'2/6'3"-160
Andy Schleck 6'1"-150. Although I have seen articles that say 152.
Thor Hushovd 6'0-180. Big boy!
Levi Leipheimer 5'7"-136.7
Jan Ulrich 6'0"-160
Alberto Contador 5'9.5"-140

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by Ant

34 years old
84.3kg this morning

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by s4one

6ft @ 165lbs

by Weenie

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