How much do you train?

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by Tippster

Pantani wrote:What age are you Tippster and whats your Avg HR for your 20mph average spins on your MTB. Is this your all year round average or when the weather is fine.

If you are averaging 20 mph on an MTB during winter at cruising speed ({i.e. 70% of your MHR, you should turn pro.

I'm 30 year old. I don't see 20mph average as excellent. HRM arriving today / tomorrow. 20mph average comes from traffic lights, roundabouts and cruising at 23-24mph on the flat and dropping down to 16-18mph into the wind and uphill.

My mtb only weighs 17lbs and I'm running slicks - Can't see that would give any more of a penalty than 1mph over a racing bike.

Been riding pretty much the same route mon-fri for 18 months. Started increasing my mileage and the results are amazing. Last night went out for a 28 mile ride (usual length is 13.5miles). Averaged 19.2mph. Training for a sub 5 century.
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