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by isdsms55

I've recently been using High 5 in place of accelerade, and I've noticed a profound difference in terms of performance, and expecially taste. I've read that it is used by CSC. Unfortunently, at $10 a gallon, it is rather expensive, and to my knowledge, only one store in the U.S carries it. Has anyone had experience with High 5, and knows of a comparable sports drink for a cheaper price?

Thanks in advance,

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by Xterra Racer

What is the store in the US?

by Weenie

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by spaniardclimber

I use the energy gel and personally I think it's the best, I've also tried squeezy and power gel but I am going to stick with high 5.

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by Frankie - B

Hey, they were my sponsor! It's really good, and has a very nice taste. AFAIK Leppin is the only other brand that comes close to High 5. Or High x in Holland.
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by magnus

Ive used it before and its good.I prefer science in sport over here in the uk though.

by Weenie

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