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by zoey

I'm close to buying a pair of SRM cranks. Who else is selling them online?

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by _JJ_

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by Geoff

Good choice! I have been on the SRM for many years now.

My coach is the Canadian distributor for SRM. Given your strong dollar-advantge versus the Canadian dollar, there may be some benefit to you purchasing one from him. His website is:

Good Luck! You won't regret the SRM decision.

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by divve

Just curious what's the €100 Euro optional External Stop button?

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by _JJ_

I think it is more for use in a lab setting. It allows someone to mark intervals without hitting the button on the power control.

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by Paul_nl

Have you seen those new SRM cranks in the tour?


Where can I buy those things? They look sweeet!! 8)

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