Improving power around the year?

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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Samu Ilonen
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by Samu Ilonen


I want mainly improve my road time trial performance. Mainly on 10-20km but longer TT's are 30 and 50km.

If goal is summer 2005, what I should do in winter before that? I will have enought endurance training, ~least 8-10h/week. Based my experiences I can hold one TT/full power interval /week without going over.

So would this work:

1X power interval training /week+1X power test/month ridden with TACX Basic power trainer. If power will rice all the time in winter so would speed in summer? Right?

If goal is set some pretty hard times in 10km TT's, intervals sould be very short and intense, like 60-90 seconds and repeated from full recovery (~3-4min rest) and not many times like 4-8 in growing numbers like this:

Week 1:
400W 60s 4 times
400W 90s 4 times
400W 90s 6 times
400W 90s 8 times

Week 2:
420W 60s 4 times
420W 90s 4 times
420W 90s 6 times
420W 90s 8 times

Week 3:
440W 60s 4 times
440W 90s 4 times
440W 90s 6 times
440W 90s 8 times

Etc...may be smaller steps on power and I don't know starting power but you get the idea...

Test ride once month would be steps to maxium, Like Conconi test?

I don't know how this would wor but what you think and has anybody links to sites that has good TT-trainig advices?

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by Bruiser

I've read that intervals are not effective for TT training.

I'm doing 10-20min intervals at 85%+ MHR

We need to improve both our VO2max and our Lactic Acid Threshold. Talks about VO2max.

I train to improve my TT as well. I don't have a power meter but I sure we can compare our improvements.



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Samu Ilonen
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by Samu Ilonen

I race mass starts also. They are reason why my summer training is limited due to recovery. So winter is impartant for me, even power training.

This is my tool. My design and custom build from titanium. It's just designed to have good position aerodynamic and power transver to road. Not for fancy look. Tubes are round but so are my shoulders and they are almoust 15 times bigger than frame tubes...and bike is build just to the limits of UCI in demensions. It's ~61cm,57cm top tube, 110mm head tube.

And I'm hungry for Easton's new Aero fork...wheels are not as pictured.

[EDIT] Ooops....picture has my cross bikes kranks and 48th ring. I was in uphill-TT with that. Normally I use old D-A cranks and that solid D-A 54 TT ring.

Here I how it was:

And here is picture about cadence, speed, HR and altitude. By Polar 720. ... empo04.jpg


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